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Goldeneye 007 Final Level Egyptian Temple 00 Agent Walkthrough

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Goldeneye 007 Final Level Egyptian Temple 00 Agent Walkthrough

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MUCH EASIER THAN AZTEC!!!!!!!!!!! this level is very easy once you know how to do it... 2 objectives only!!!! Get the golden gun, and kill baron samedi!!! BUT u have to kill him 3 times, cuz hes a voodoo master guy...,..so in the room with the golden gun, u have to 1.move onto the first square 2. move ALL the way to the left 3. move up 2 4. move to the right so that there is 1 space between you and the wall on the right. 5. move up 2 6. left 1 7. up 1 8. left 1 9. move forward the rest of the way...then ur finished with that objective!!!!!!!! now just grab the golden gun and go out the door on the wall...kill samedi 3 times with the golden gun, as i did in this video

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vgames89 : I never made it to this level. I couldn't beat all of them on 00 agent. Too hard!
Franklin Evans : I have never beat dis level. Was it a certain path u had 2 walk in order 2 get da golden gun?
Bob Marley : Thanks! That level is easy with a video!
n64goldenEyedoubleO7 : hmm interesting
n64goldenEyedoubleO7 : ill upload a video to show you my situation
kazamajr : do they have this game on wii store thing..i would love to play this again
leauxbert : @kendo512 Wait... your friend's DAD played this? Well, I guess everyone was into GoldenEye.
Lloyd ha : ohmygod my hero!!!!