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Hannover Fisk : A lot of female cattiness in some of these comments.
Shashank Jayakumar : @louloute175 Lol... Nice comeback... Wasn't aware of that... Sorry.. I withdraw my comment...
louloute175 : @gfruy it's okay ^^
louloute175 : @gfruy I'm sorry but Kaya is American too. that's why she is Sadie's best friend
Shalita Bundy : shes not as good as sadie her best friend
RebecaRobertson : If you want to see some fantastic bellydancing...go check out peridokitty. This is like watching a seizure to a bellydancing beat. Sorry...I really am sorry...but...oh dear!
samra890 : i am agree
louloute175 : @slumlumm I so agree ^^