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BEST Car Crash Compilation 2014 FULL HD ( New )

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BEST Car Crash Compilation 2014 FULL HD ( New )

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- Lets Build With Sketchup - : bugs me that people claim there videos are hd when the original footage isnt even recorded in hd
ranlive1 : Old clips, "new" compilation.
josealopes : video 2014???????????
David Hematian : Russian ppl r the worst drivers in the world 
Michael Gonzalez : Lol the music at 5:20
Ross Donaldson : With all the idiots on the road I think I'll stick to taking the train
Sam S : Can someone please post the videos where someone WAS seriously injured? These are entertaining but I feel those would be more sobering for those among us who enjoy driving while douchebag.
ixlnxs : I think I'll watch this year's Olympics from the comfort and safety of my home, thanks