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dronniver : А чего, на крузаке тоже борозды плугом вскрывали?
TheMapper : thank you for telling me that! i may have to try that at my parents farm as our tractor broke last year and we have been turning the land with shovels since. well done! yes, happy new year to you as well and a late merry Christmas! c
MrXitch : Хахаха,Сool))
dronniver : Wow! Not even aware of the existence of such a car! Interesting car. And what is the gear ratio in the transfer case gears? And about the horse, you misunderstand me: I meant that he had a plow that I have, it was fixed to the horse and the horse was dragging him. I with the English language is not very friendly. I am from Russia
Valdemar Križiak : Ok, it's an horse driven plough - not heavy to pull. I saw once some russian photo with the woman pulling the plough like this and the man pushing from behind.
TheMapper : yes, it is a very good car. the entire roof can be removed in the summer time. the gear ratio is very good for being off road, but it is terrible on the highway. the ratio is around 3:54. it has dana 44 axles in it. they are very strong and heavy. please... your english is very good! your english is much better than my russian!!! LOL! :D what is the gear ratio in the niva?
dronniver : What is clear from the soil. And what is your weather in spring, autumn (usually at this time, cultivate the land)? Ie the ground is wet or dry? That's me to the fact that not stuck to the car! By the way, but how much weight your car?
Paola Cereghetti : questa non l'abbiamo ancora provata....