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How To Use A Roman Shade ORB

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How To Use A Roman Shade ORB

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The roman shade orb allows you to easily adjust your roman shade lift cord tension without all the fuss of tying and untying knots.

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Smery Abisada : Mlzh
Linda Laster-Bivens : want to see how the "orb" came about? Search you tube video "visions by two sisters and you will see the "delightful system" that we introduced in 2000, Windows fashion magazine took it on the road for us, shown in many states and the guy who stole the idea from us learned our lawyer did not protect us that well. (We used the barrel shaped cord lock -started using it in 1998 but it did not even have a name then) check it out. 1998 was our introduction.
Linda Laster-Bivens : Yes, and thank you for the compliments!! We loved it and when we took it to the first trade show, we "stopped traffic" in the aisles. But people were stunned that we could use these (windows fashion magazine called it toggles because it did NOT have a proper name) but our trade show led us to believe that our product was going to make it. (We are in 4 drapery schools too) I told our lawyer that this aspect was going to be very important to the industry.
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