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How To Handle Police Interrogation "I Don't Answer Questions"

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How To Handle Police Interrogation "I Don't Answer Questions"

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The O'Fallon, MO PD officer noticed me video taping one of their police stops, so one of the officers came over to interrogate me. There's not much they can do when you only say four words "I Don't Answer Questions". Help support my efforts by sharing this video on Facebook. Be sure to view my other videos, subscribe, and stay tuned. There will be many more videos like this to come. Ken Suitter

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Drew Grow : Unfortunately Americans do not know their rights. Watch the show Cops for example. The people are manipulated by the police and actually assist in their own arrest 
tystorm23 : The man is doing what he is paid to do. No need to get defensive over a couple of questions. He wasn't interrogating you. The way he approached you was no different than if a person in the grocery store approached you and asked you a question. Do you tell them, " I don't answer questions?"
Jorgensen Penus : Filming legally in public is suspiscious. And cops job is to ask shit. They should also come up to you and ask you "why are you eating ice cream" or "taking pictures" or "running"
James Miles : Get a life Kenny.. I hope sometime in your life you need to dial 911/ police assistance and they say, "I dont answer questions/ requests"..... I hope it's not life threating by the way, just a lesson for you to understand that if it wasn't for police, anarchy would be horrible for all of us "law abiding citizens".... Take care
Tom Dwan : This is stupid, i cant stand people who go out looking to get in these altercations with cops to try and look smarter than them. This cop was a decent guy,.
Nonya Busnezz : I hate a bad cop as much as the next guy, but I rarely can find the point in people antagonizing them over nothing. I don't know what the situation was here, but lets say for example that you walk up on police who are busting a guy with drugs. By saying, I don't answer questions," you open yourself up to being arrested for interfering with an officer who can simply and legitimately say he thought you were part of the the drug deal. He could easily conclude that you were refusing to answer questions because you had involvement. 
TheWhat667 : I will remember that phrase: "I don't answer questions." But, I think it works for Kenny Suitter because he is a white boy. I wonder if that would work for a black person. Seeing how the officer respectfully walks away makes me ask that question. 
CyberSurfer3000 : Can a midget become a police officer? Yes and this video proves it..Not so intimidating and you can rest assured that he won't use excessive force against you because he won't dare unless you happen to be a midget too..lol