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How To Handle Police Interrogation "I Don't Answer Questions"

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How To Handle Police Interrogation "I Don't Answer Questions"

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The O'Fallon, MO PD officer noticed me video taping one of their police stops, so one of the officers came over to interrogate me. There's not much they can do when you only say four words "I Don't Answer Questions". Help support my efforts by sharing this video on Facebook. Be sure to view my other videos, subscribe, and stay tuned. There will be many more videos like this to come. Ken Suitter

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Kenny Suitter : Check out a new app called "gotchaeyesonyou". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD8NlwgjEkw. It does what "Bambuser" does and more.
samiam1150 : Ya know if we just legalized everything, drugs, murder, rape, robbery, etc., we wouldn't need the police, courts, judges, prisons, lawyers and we'd all be free to do any fuckin thing that we wanted to do. Wouldn't that be swell? Get a life asshole. It just might be a cop who saves yours.
tim woodruff : Only a very small percentage of police officers are corrupt, dirty, or abuse their authority. People like you who go out looking for trouble, trying to make a name for yourself on youtube, are just helping to perpetuate the gross misconception of the peace keepers of our society. You are helping to fuel the hate for cops and make the most innocent things look as though they were possessed by Hitler himself. You and people like you make me sick. God bless the men in blue who put their lives on the line everyday to try and keep our streets safe.
samiam1150 : I knew a guy who thought is was funny to screw around with the police. One of them got his license plate number and passed it around to his fellow officers. The poor bastard couldn't pull out of his own driveway without picking up a moving violation. When he had acquired enough points he lost his drivers license. It's not nice to screw with the police.
jason bourne : ok that cop was a nice guy... no need to be a d1ck to some of them :/
Travis ok : You should say that when you call 911 to report some citizen beating the shit out of you. When you are asked where you are at you should say "I don't answer questions."
CrazyBuzzy1 : All of you saying that this guy was a idiot for acting like that with a cop....you never know what kind of a cop is in front of you,could be a normal cop that is only interested to ask you a couple of questions,could be a total moron cop who only likes to show off because he is the law and you need to obey to every fucking thing he is saying! So the easiest way is to say just what this guy said and that s it!
Brad Patience : i dont answer question cause im a dumb unedumacted hick