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DoctorSiggy : Can I just... you know.. sit here and sob in the corner? 
staypress : I like her leather shorts
Trykster Jawbreaker : Oh...oh honey... '_'
ShadowSonic2 : @iammadness It's actually in "Old Shame".
Jonathan Warner : Looking back, I think this was not the only episode with a vague SM theme.
Grace Patterson : @GusF 24! Gosh, he's so CUTE!!!! Is he in EVERY episode? I'd love it if he was! He's so funny!!
Cynical Cthulhu : @ShadowSonic2 Yeah okay. I still say he looks like the humanoid version of a poodle though XD
Aengus Fallon : @drwhotimelordify No, he was only in this one serial.