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Tong : Hello All. I want to order this movie. Does anyone by chance knows the production that dubbed this movie and their contact information?
Melly Vang : Anyone know the song in the beginning ? 
HmongDubbedEntertain : @LadyGuest07 Every info is on the description box above XD
cookiedorkie : This is the movie i been waiting for. thank you so much!!!
Lina Vaj : I couldn't find the whole Thai version but I am so happy that the hmoob dubbed is uploaded :D))
MaiTong Vue : @HmongDubbedEntertain:thanks
Moua Yang : I Love the d
pockeythaostah5 : Thank you so much!!! I have been waiting for this lakorn!!! I love weir's smiling face...he's so handsome and cute!!! Thank you so much!!!!