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Hilarious! Lioness attempting to lure an uninterested male Lion to mate!

Female Lion in HEAT/ESTRUS

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Female Lion in HEAT/ESTRUS

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According to the guy at the zoo, the male lion is scenting the female to see if she's in estrus. Not positive that's right, though.

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Salvo Smith : anglosaxon people know nothing about feline estrus cycle as all their cats are all neutered, they even neuter them when they are only 2 or 3 months old. In england there are people who had cats all life and have no idea what the estrus behavior of a cat is or what the look of a normal (not castrated) male is. Pretty sad, To them animals are like toys, sexless
HECTOR GONZALEZ : Did I just witness Lion four play? Time to log off the internets...
Xonx68 : The open mouth expression called the "flehming response", cats do it to smell certain odors better using the roof of their mouth, such as pheremones that the females release during estrus. Alot of people call it "stinky face" when regular domestic cats do it.
zadramm : the women talking on video is also in heat i suppose ! she is to interested in going for it.. lol but pretend she dos'nt know ! well licking pussy only has one meaning. the male lion licked lioness pussy even a dummy would know it mean business ! lol
Aetumn : AWW!!! Are they mates?
Mikael Isaksson : They eat the poopoo
alemon22 : people and animals are similar in love just the difference is the physical look!!!!!1
amarbhatt77 : use some nutella bro