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Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient and Space Ambient music mix. Tracklist: 01. Steve Roach - Dream Body (0:00) 02. Andrew Forrest - Liquid Light (11:00) 03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Beyond Words (28:25) 04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - No More Than Ever (31:25) 05. _Algol_ - Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52) 06. Andrew Forrest - Alchemy of the Heart (49:10) 07. Rudy Adrian - Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30) Art by Charles Frizzell. URL: http://www.frizzellstudios.com/gallery/image.php?image=150&viewtype=images Download mix: https://mega.co.nz/#!cp4AWTKa!aV3jPlP4EhkAopcmlxKsEXlSH51uySC9aLSE2oKJqAE (320 kbps,170.4 MB)

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N0TS0SUBTLE : Jesus is the only door to the otherside of the universe. Prophecy is unfolding. Wake up O' sleepers...wake up.
o shah : a guy with a red robe on a flying sled...remind you of anything?
HP McDoogle : i listen to this when i really can't sleep, it helps ease me into a completely relaxed state and my mind wanders free of life's stresses. my imagination flows free of disruption and i imagine characters of mine floating through deep space silently, passing by beautiful star formations, vivid galaxies brimming with color and light. its such a magnificent feeling. 
Carlos Ebanks : We all do share a knowing of something greater and bigger than what we currently experience as 'humans'. I feel we all will go to where we belong...
Recep BOSTANCI : we are not alone in universe. 
littlecoley88 : What is it about ambient music that makes us think of outer space? 0.o 
Twillight Samurai : This plus ganja...wow! Nice comp
Europa's Ocean : Hello everybody I'm an independent musician and I produce ambient/new age electronic music. My sound is crafted with harmonically rich synth pads, strong piano melody and my goal is create ethereal sonic landscapes with supernal reverb and huge stereo delay. Stop by my channel and download my first EP for free! Please subscribe to my channel your support would be greatly appreciated