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Relaxation music- deep space

Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient and Space Ambient music mix. Tracklist: 01. Steve Roach - Dream Body (0:00) 02. Andrew Forrest - Liquid Light (11:00) 03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Beyond Words (28:25) 04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - No More Than Ever (31:25) 05. _Algol_ - Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52) 06. Andrew Forrest - Alchemy of the Heart (49:10) 07. Rudy Adrian - Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30) Art by Charles Frizzell. URL: http://www.frizzellstudios.com/gallery/image.php?image=150&viewtype=images Download mix: https://mega.co.nz/#!cp4AWTKa!aV3jPlP4EhkAopcmlxKsEXlSH51uySC9aLSE2oKJqAE (320 kbps,170.4 MB)

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HP McDoogle : i listen to this when i really can't sleep, it helps ease me into a completely relaxed state and my mind wanders free of life's stresses. my imagination flows free of disruption and i imagine characters of mine floating through deep space silently, passing by beautiful star formations, vivid galaxies brimming with color and light. its such a magnificent feeling. 
o shah : a guy with a red robe on a flying sled...remind you of anything?
Biglonewolf115 : I cant wait until Elite Dangerous comes out. I am going to play this video while I explore the vast universe of Elite! :D
sinkiy : This was perfect for my astral projection lastnigt. Came across alien ships beautiful sceneries couldn't get on no matter how I tried though. Tried everything but they kept kicking me back to my body just to leave it again. Been doing this for awhile this kind of music helps relax body that's all..
The Gamerus 266 : The World of Aventure - Astral Biome
gedozvon : I recently got into digital effects. This is an amazing piece, perfect for working, helps me to calm down, and keep going dispite all the complications i face during compositing or 3d work.
Rabastu5 : any other mixes like this out there? I don't like all the mixes that have like dance/club music that passes off for "ambient" nowadays
RunescapeSupersaiyan : Listen to this when you're high, You fee lthe Shamanistic spirit and the full moon's power