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Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space by NAKpsy

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Ambient and Space Ambient music mix. Tracklist: 01. Steve Roach - Dream Body (0:00) 02. Andrew Forrest - Liquid Light (11:00) 03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Beyond Words (28:25) 04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - No More Than Ever (31:25) 05. _Algol_ - Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52) 06. Andrew Forrest - Alchemy of the Heart (49:10) 07. Rudy Adrian - Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30) Art by Charles Frizzell. URL: http://www.frizzellstudios.com/gallery/image.php?image=150&viewtype=images Download mix: https://mega.co.nz/#!cp4AWTKa!aV3jPlP4EhkAopcmlxKsEXlSH51uySC9aLSE2oKJqAE (320 kbps,170.4 MB)

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Player1 : The amount of ignorance coming from this comment section of people trying to be deep is unbelievable. . .
Chris North : You do know we are all the creators and maintainers of this world, and every other world? Heaven, Hell and all dimensions are real because we believe they are. That's the only reason. Everything is energy, thought and consciousness. Who the fuck needs the Periodic Table?
SilverSpark99 : Ick.. this is... just awkward to hear. But gratz to the guy who made this I guess...
Joshua Tunis : First song reminds me a lot of World of Warcraft's Netherstorm.
N0TS0SUBTLE : Jesus is the only door to the otherside of the universe. Prophecy is unfolding. Wake up O' sleepers...wake up.
Ad Astra : I've always said that if there is a god, it is a cruel one for limiting us so much. If I had one wish it would be to have the ability to give meaning and understanding to universally-scaled figures... like how far away the Andromeda galaxy is, that distance is so large we can't totally understand it like we understand a distance of a meter. The universe just wasn't made for us, or rather, we clearly autonomically evolved out of Terra, as we can understand figures relative to life on her, but not out in the greater part of the picture. Nature clearly didn't prepare for us to ever leave Earth for long, and I wonder if that's a challenge our successors will live up to. Isn't it mind boggling to wonder if humans live another million years? To imagine what kind of sci-fi reality they'd take for granted... absolutely beautiful.
Kevin Grealey : Listen to this whilst taking magic truffles. seriously. I had visions I was the native American on that sleigh. Drifting thru the universe on the truffles. absolutely stunning. music takes me back..
Stefanie Longbrake : Carlos, not sure I can stand to read any more of the absurdity attributed by a beautiful piece of music, your straightforward comment is what it takes for those of us navigating the trepidation waters on an incredible journey.