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Ken Lotts : The spreaders for swamp coolers have a nice small diameter very strong black tube that could be cut to size for ladder line spreaders using this method ... Just a thought.
Terrance Minsel :
Terrance Minsel :
InTheNameOfJustice : Arrrrgh! The quality!
Jay Mee : im buying one from usa its on its way its a dual band 2m and 70 cm ladder line and it says its 450 ohms it also uses traps for the two bands, this sound ok to you or have you any experience with this?
Govner2 : Great idea. Been using this method since zip ties came out. Best beware of UV - both in the zip ties and spreaders. The black ones are UV resistant. The white ones get brittle and break easily. This is not good at top of tower! I've built line for past 50 years and whatever material you use must be tailored to where you live. Some plastics have endured weather. Some disintegrated in 12 months or less. Choose wisely. I don't know about plastic in pens. Time will tell. Should be fine. AA4BQ
Richard Throckmorton : Ingenious!! I've seen plenty of papers and videos on ladder line construction, but this has got to be the easiest and most inexpensive method I've found. Thanks for posting a great idea!!
Steve Ellington : Those tubes look horrible. Large with fins? Water would stand on them. Better stick with smaller tubes like the pens or acrylic tubing.