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Wonderful Interview With General Hamid Gul on 5th Jan 2012

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Wonderful Interview With General Hamid Gul on 5th Jan 2012

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General Hamid Gul is biggest supporter of all Islamic organizations may Almighty Allah give him long life. Ameen !!!

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DaPashtoSazAwaz : The interviewer Ahtisham Ul Haq seems to be quite enlightened .... 
zahir khan : ye sala india egent tha rao ka hamedgul say intervie lany ayatha . 
Awais Akbar : no chance for lashker tayba and taliban or jashe MUHAMMAD or what ever in pakistan. because all leader of these movments basicly belong to kashmir and afghanistan there roots papa and grand papa from kashmir and afghanistan..acctualy they are not fighting for islam or pakistan very true they are fighting for their own country afghanistan and kashmir and using pakistani platform
HunnyCatch : Amazing anchor - awesome bro for ripping off this bastard motherfucker ..
Rao Tipu : Gul is the Tiger.that chap can suck ma cock any day 
Somesh Sharma : The United States government has included Hamid Gul's name in a list of 4 former ISI officers for inclusion in the list of international terrorists...... see this interview...
Dushyant Singh : Very nice interview Nice to know how media is free in pakistan ....... First step to devlopment
Rafi Sheikh : All these comments are baseless,he is a soldier he will always be a soldier and these soldiers are trained to to be nationalistic.so don't get mad at him,he might have some mistakes,but he is a loyal pakistani,and the reason aim saying is that I am as a civilian worked with him during Russian try to take over Afghanistan.