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Jaya Bachchan Insulting Marathi People

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Jaya Bachchan Insulting Marathi People

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shameless Jaya, who stayed for so many years in Maharashtra, is insulting Maharashtra and Marathi people.. Wake up Marathi Manus.. support Raj Thakre..

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Niit Mangaon : assole bachans should be forcefully driven out of mumbai,JAI MAHARASHTRA
nimish marathe : these filthy outsiders who are immensely illiterate, unhygienic,obnoxious creatures must be sweeped out of our pristine and beautiful land of maharashtra and should be banned forever......they say,"ek bihari sau bimari....!!!"and same applies for u.p.ans and filthy punjabis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh can't even look at those dirt bags!!!!!!!!!!11
ljkjdjk : @undy999 u seems angry. Did MARATHI MANOOS fucked ur whole clan?
abc39722 : @undy999: AMITABH and JAYA have got break in Mumbai only...They have been living in Mumbai only since more than 25 years..then also.Talk with respect about Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj..he is not ordinary person to call him simply by hname....You should at least say 'Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj'...What do u about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?....What do u know about Thakre family?..People like you support Lalu,Mayavati, Abu Azami....then what's wrong in supporting Thakrey..they r 100 times better.
subroto81 : HOW DARE SHE TALK AGAINST MARATHIS LIVING IN MAHARASHTRA BUT TALKING BAD ABOUT MARATHIS. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS india should split up and be divided. Khalistan for punjabis, maharashtra for marathis only, south india for dravidians only, and kashmir for kashmiris only. Indian govt is really bad.
Nitin Rakshe : fuck to jaya
bethells86 : @toxicsmit You are saying we should stay divided on language grounds, my friend I know many non UPites out in the west stuck to their radios broadcasting in Hindi, its the best and easiest language, ideal for national use, and like it or not its used by majority of Indians. Some of my family is Gujarati and I find it to be the closest language to Hindi, just that shudh Hindi sounds much more refined and pleasant. English has to stay but dont give up on such a nice local lingo.
undy999 : @knowyourdamnrole thank you for one of the very few sane comments