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Tires vs. Mattracks

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Tires vs. Mattracks

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This is a short comparison demonstrating the difference between tires and tracks. 44" tires with Dana 60's and lockers would not get you through the snow like the Mattracks. Yes, they are more expensive, and not for everyone, but if you need to get through snow, mud, sand or any other soft material they cannot be beat.

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YeOldeScience : it needs guns.... in case of snow zombies. I hate snow zombies.
ThomasG10mtn : *I have never got my H1 stuck. A few years ago I drove right through 3 foot wet snow no problem.*
Richard Gottshall : Hummers suck,My little dodge has gone though deeper snow than that and used a few gallons less of fuel.
smokehash707 : those are not 44" tires
David Lowry : If that H1 didn't have open differentials it would be fine. Since when is an H1 not limited slip? WTF?
starsunderer : Not comparable, If you are going off road in the snow with tires, anyone who's done it knows you need to have momentum and keep it. With that deep snow I'd say 30 mph or more. Good enough to get you in and out, but not sustainable for long periods of time. 
Jack Hoying : Obviously not practical for most people, but they would fit in for a snow tour business and maybe even for winter rescue (on drifted roads, not deep back-country). I could see the residents of Aspen or Vail lining up with cash in hand for a ride in one of these.
Kelly Blowers :