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Parelli Horse Training - Standing to be Groomed

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Parelli Horse Training - Standing to be Groomed

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Watch how horse trainer Pat Parelli uses natural horse training methods to help a horse stand still to be groomed in a new location. For more information on Parelli Natural Horsemanship, please visit the Parelli website at www.parelli.com.

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jckanzel : love your skills Pat. thank you for sharing.
BonJournal : Thanks for the tips!
Kim Brandon : your horses are so lucky to have you,
Sandy Walker : What's up with the metal clip on the lead rope? Nothing natural about that! Shake the lead and the metal clip hits the horse. C. Anderson is much better. No metal clips on my halter and lead. After watching a few videos, the Pirelli method is not pressure and release (positive), just keep them moving with no reward for trying. Bend to your will is what I see. Just moved my horses to a new barn and didn't need to lunge them around the grooming area. They have the confidence that I am a good leader and they are safe.
horsesramazing11 : @crazyforhorsesgirl12 try using your energy. like, stay calm and put out your energy. it sounds wierd, but it works, trust me:) good luck! :)
drmariawaris : @TheBarrelsGirl the best way to understand is to place yourself in her situation. imagine if a stranger that didnt speak your language came over and tried to pick your leg up what would be the most comfortable way of letting the person do it? example, doing it very very slowly, taking your time, and not punishing her for kicking, but following throuhg. if you quit everytime she kicks, shes gonna learn that. but if you stop everytime she behaves well, she will stop behaving badly, as an example
Rick Prettyman : I have a 6 year old paint jumping mare and she is the laziest horse but at the same time she is super spooky and and freaks out when she leaves the horses or they leave her! She can be disrespectful to me a lot of times also when i ask her to move to another gate she throws a fit tossing her head down and flickering her tail but she does pick it up when she doesn't i back her up is that right?? She is a sweet mare but very head shy and she doesn't back up very well! HELP ME!!!!
waitoki11 : It would be great if Parelli would combine Natural Horsemanship with Natural Hoofcare. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten! That is also very true for hoofcare.