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I've uploaded some field trip videos & CAUTION: This video is full of images of small hive beetle larvae. How I deal with small hive beetle in my hives.

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Victor Fursov : Thanks for video. Best greetings from Ukraine! Welcome to my Channel about Entomology and Beekeeping = VIDEO LINK = http://youtu.be/eZwI8twMnBs Collecting Methods: How to Collect and Make Collection of Insects including Parasitic Hymenoptera and other insects, Recorded by Entomologist in Ukraine. (LECTURE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE).
Brueggens Bees : Ok, this will be long. First off, sounds like we're on the same page. I too am debating using the larvae for fish food or chicken food. I have chickens right now, and they love them! If I get a hive slimed out, I knock all the maggots to the bottom board then just go dump them in the run and the birds go nuts. If there a maggots in the combs, I suspend those combs out of reach of the birds, but when they crawl out seeking soil to pupate they drop into the mouths of the chickens below. I just put up a video on it yesterday. As for the fish food, at one point I was planning to actually place my hives over fish runs for aquaponics, but then second guessed moisture issues in the hive being always right over water like that. But your 5 gallon bucket got me thinking. Perhaps for both fish and chickens, a "bait hive" so to speak (bucket) with slumgum or combs could be suspended over the fish tank. Every now and then, you just toss in a fresh piece of bait. And just like your bucket here where they crawled out, they'll crawl out and fall to their death. This undefended source might actually distract beetles from even a weak colony of bees and they'll just fly over here instead. A few of these traps placed strategically throughout the apiary so the beetles find them easy could make a HUGE difference. Then just put a tub of water below the trap for the beetles to fall in and drown. Or if you could find a way to actually work it into an aquaponics scenario and have the fish right there that would save the effort of you having to take a bucket of water/maggots to the fish tank every couple days. Thanks so much for sharing. I think I may make up one of these traps myself and see how it goes, and put up a video about it too. Good luck with your bees! 
David Trees : LoL... Wilma is about to feed you and if you had chooks you could feed them to the chooks. I saw a video today where a fellow collected the larvae, froze them and then fed them to his chooks. What did you do with the slumgum in the end Jeff. I didn't quite get why the pollen is an issue? Is that because they breed it in, I thought they breed in Brood comb? What are "stickies with pollen"? Is that a sticky frame with pollen? I had seen this but it was about 12 > 18 months ago and I had forgot about it. Thanks for reminding about this remedy, "coach"... ;) Were the muffins nice? I have no doubt they were and still are if Wilma makes them. Thanks for making this to help others and strange Aussies abroad like myself ..LoL...
426 SUPER BEE : Hate those things, i would pour gasoline on them, end there little life cycle !
c pane : can I reuse my frames and hives, how do I clean the frames etc?
Steven Murphy : Hi Jeff, Have you tryed using Chux wipes as a simple efective cheap way to completely control small hive beetles. Place chux on top of frames wet. Replace every 3 months or as needed. You can check out this link for more infor http://www.honeybeeworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=276&start=10 simple, easy, cheap, clean, no oils, no chemicals, fully organic
African5555 : Thank you for all the info. It is one of the best videos I have see showing what the small hive beetle larva look like. Do not worry about Wilma making muffins. It is not diturbing.
ilidiandemon : Bees are nice :D Worms are scary :<