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Cameron Hook : You Know your a BMW driver/owner when you see M5 and M42 and think.... m5 with a 4 banger in it??? DOH... lol
Степан Ковалев : Когда уже крыши /навесы начнут строить над автострадами?
conor parker : Only just seen this when I looked at the date we didn't have any snow on that day but a lot of ice because we came around the corner doing about 15mph and we slid into a bush and flipped over
SloIsBack SLO : I live in Slovenia in alpine village, we usually have +1 meter of snow every winter and all we have to plow is just some tractors with plows from local farmers. We don't panic like in UK, Holy Shit 3 centimeters of snow, I'm not going to work today!! ...
Daveycrocket16 : I'm really looking forward to this...not!!!
Smokyhead : i know ^^ that was a joke :D
HOCKEYHELSINKI : So little snow, and the traffick is jam...
Sparkie3222 : I was there !! I watched about four of them clear it up!