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João Marques : Dan finally did it! On Giant Bomb, in 30 minutes! Fuck Y'all!
AzureMirage : This should be one of the challenges for the replay showdown. You only get two shots at Tyson, and the average of both times will decide who moves on or not.
fatrown3 : It's always at 18 seconds.. It is NOT random.
dgcayerful : I'm going to replay this tonight on my Wii and I'm sure it won't take me 3 hours :P
Durzo1395 : I actually adore Dragon's Dogma's lack of a fast-travel system. Plus, it has one of my favorite endings to any game ever.
NulixFTW : This saga makes me truely appreciate how hilarious Jeff Cork is
xellestar : dunno about dan but them shouting 'stop it' all the time sure started to annoy the hell out of me lol
BoodhaVids : Cork is the boss.