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TallAndThin123 : omfg wheres the rest of this radio , interview????
Sabur crawford : we are a passionate people and we are aggressive when we speak you crackers had to get the brothers to be soft to feel safer when around us and you murdered all the brothers whose voices sounded like RUSHING WATERS
uranium 239 : count on a hamite to lie his face off just like his father saturn. piece of cosmic dung. uranus bless america.
Khutennel MyshyLshv KhuELenne : :) Speak! Serene Be :)
sunmoontrine : Sorry toniapx, reply took months. Seldom access account. Here is a link for commencing process of finding and learning/planets: All other will come as you need and are ready. Happy journey
tropicalstrings : Can he talk less argressive, it is like a hammer on my ears. Nobody likes a hammer.
DestroyerOfEvil247 : Thank U
Cin J : Did you ever pause to think that some people have hearing impairments where background noise (ex: music) interferes with hearing the speaker....