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Smithsonian Channel : In nature, a battle between beasts is often a fight to the finish. We've collected some of the most epic brawls in nature into one playlist - Beast vs. Beast:
Ben Yu : Gosh, the narrator sounds like he just woke up at 3:00 AM and had to do this against his will.
Smithsonian Channel : Today the National Museum of Natural History is receiving something huge - a remarkably complete T. rex skeleton. We had to wonder - what might happen if #Titanoboa got jealous?
HahaItsMike : Titanoboa would win lol
Sakuragi Rokurouta : Reptiles only got so big in the past because the climate was much hotter. This is why we need to stop global warming.
Patrick King : Why is there a click here to watch the full episode at the end of this clip but when you click on it it says sorry this video is private and you don't get to see anything?
Giraffeseatwindmills : Three eifel towers? that is complete crap, titanoboa weighed just over 1 tonne while the eifel tower weighs (upon looking it up) 8092.2 tonnes sooooo...... theres that And I know that this is the smithsonian and they most likely know more than me but they cannot seriously expect me to believe that any living thing weighed 8092 tonnes.
Leo Nine : Three Eiffel Towers!? That's insane! God imagine that on your arm... Ha. Who am i kidding. It's too big to fit on your arm.