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coophomie : does this work for weed, or just food herbs
AKMF : What would the measurements and wait time if you were to use 151 alcohol being that 190 is illegal in my state?
herbdx : It does not have marijuana as one of the herbs. It has 115 other medicinal herbs. If you want to tincture fresh marijuana for every gram use 2mL of 190 proof alcohol. So if you tincture 10 grams of fresh use 20 mL of 190 proof alcohol. If you want to tincture dry marijuana for every gram use 5mL of 190 proof alcohol. Shake the mixture 2 times a day for 1 month. Keep it in a cool dark place. You'll need to experiment with how many drops you take.
herbdx : You can use the same ratios above with 151. It should work fine, it won't break down some of the oil like 190 proof but it should still be an effective tincture.