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kinahcem : Молодцы поляки. У нас бы давно уже на ложки пошёл.
Martin Melnik : hydraulic is better
fcentaur : @Grabatire It has 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel 100 HP and 1000 rpm max. Benzene 17-23 HP 2-cyl. start engine. Very, very reliable and could start even in - (minus) 30 grad. C winter days... We called it "our Caterpillar" because its "grandfathers" S-60 (kerosene carburettor) and S-65 (diesel) were made after Cat tractors (before 2-nd WW).
rykun666 : ten spychacz nie ma mocy przydał by mu się remont
Brian Lillquist : PIECE OF SHIT!!
brian93ist : @maplemanz looks like it works good
DW Hilman : Looks like that poor old machine has seen better days. Sure is a slow running engine. At a glance it looks and sounds like a Caterpillar D7 3T with a serious exhaust leak..
Reg Pettinger : I get a kick out of the way the operator tries to get rid of the dirt by lifting the blade. Someone remarked that it only turns 1,000rpm. If I remember right, a 1970 D-8/46A's motor only turned 1,100 rpm. (Although it had a lot more displacement) People make fun of old equipment like this but if you had to use a shovel to do this work, you'd be really happy to have this machine. She kinda looks like an old HD-14. mpieka1, you made a good video.