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Triple H vs Randy Orton in Ortons House

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Triple H vs Randy Orton in Ortons House

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Triple H breaks in at Orton's and fight versus randy orton at his own house with a Sladge Hammer

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Jay Snow : Yes! Domestic violence is awesome again!!!
mohamad shazrin : Bullshit. In that case if it's true then why the police didn't shoot them? It was set up.
xXProGamerzXx : Fake
TheCrawdaddy029 : we know its fake because they were not shot in the head immediately upon police arrival
Ashley rohm : Poor Randy! :(
Tambond Nguyen : Not to be rude randy is a weak widow licking motherfucker
Manu Joshi : Randy ortan is the 6 th in wwe 
tiane mendoza : Jajaja