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brian fullagar : Useless bloody dogs,He should of shot them to.
santhosh kumar : a large amount of pet owners are little by little KILLING their pet dogs (without understanding it)... The crap dog food companies insert into pet food leads to cancerous cells and makes most dogs pass away early. I figured that out the difficult way. My pooch died aged 7. If you have a pet dog and you want to conserve its life and highly-priced vet costs then make sure you have a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)
nikola karsikola : Super snimka i odlicen kapitalec, a i zagarite vise jaki sekoja cest .
Руслан Хирный : Охота Супер! подскажите какая это порода собак???
zečar bih lov : bravo momci--čestitam1
vlado srebrenovski : gledaj malku idiot eden deka zagarite se okolu veprot i deka nemase sansa dase puka vednas a ti pojma nemas od lov !!!!
naum jamandi : Bravo Camlija ti si bil golem majstor za lov,sekoja cest::)))) Ama i za ucenje zagari.:)
stroke shakya : This form of vid is why my partner and I watch Youtube. They truly cause me to chuckle. a great number of people today are slowly KILLING their dogs without understanding it. The stuff dog food companies insert into dog food leads to tumors and tends to make dogs die young. I came to understand the way when my doggy passed away at 6. If you have a dog and you want to save its life and high priced veterinarian costs then try to find Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.) It's what I did.