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Color-Changing LED Lights: an Overview

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Color-Changing LED Lights: an Overview

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Welcome to the Color-Changing LED Lights video overview. Color-changing lights are also known as full color, multi-color, and RGB, which stands for Red/Green/Blue, because they use alternating red, green and blue LED bulbs to produce all the colors of the spectrum. Elemental LED offers RGB LED Strip Lights, color-changing LED Light Bars, RGB LED wall washers, and color-changing LED bulbs. RGB strips and bars require a color controller that connects between the power source and the light, which lets you choose color modes, speed, and brightness. All of our Color Changing LED lights are dimmable. Watch this video to learn more about our color changing LED strip lights, light bars, wall washers and light bulbs. And visit http://www.elementalled.com to purchase or find out more.

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Caleb Sandoval : This is awesome!!
Caleb Sandoval : I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to buy some but i am so broke!!! I want to put them all in my apartment living room and bedroom!! Oh and possibly our youth room at church!!! So in other words YES, just not right now!!
elementalLED : yahooo! Are you getting some?
FRED LAVAP : et les prix sont 10 fois moin chere sur ebay..........
elementalLED : Happy to hear you're excited about them as much as we are! Let us know when you do. You should check out our Sale section - we have lights up to 70% off there including some RGB!