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CRN114 : Randy, I thought you did a great job on this documentary. It's really easy for folks to point out every little mistake. Yet how many of them make and post videos? If they do, then they know it's not a simple and quick production. I'm glad that this video is still up, and as for the captions, just do it in a separate word document and check for spelling/grammatical errors and you'll do fine. Keep up the good work, and forget about the arm chair quarterbacks. You will always have some jerks wanting to prove "how smart" they are by pointing out errors. They are just idiots with low self esteem and confidence and hide behind their screens.
Evil Clown : If only they had walked south from their position they would have reached an oasis, and could have retrieved their water from their plane along the way.
01ZO6TT : Randy, I think you should keep the video up!! Don't let the "perfect people" that never make any mistakes bother you. They are just looking to make themselves look better by pointing out others mistakes! Thanks so much for this story. You did an awesome job! It is very touching & a great tribute to the crew! Thanks
Marcus Reed : Wonderful and poignant video of sacrifice by brave airmen. Thank you for posting. 
david lawson : outstanding documentry
Rick Hargett : Their story should be told over and over, never to be forgotten. Consider this a tribute to Americas Finest. Thank you, to the crew of "Lady be Good".
Alfons Llana : Excellent, excellent video. I first read about this aircraft and her crew many years ago on an old issue of a Reader's Digest magazine. I remember it perturbed me deeply. To see now the remains of these brave men is in no way a disrespect but a remainding of the immense suffering they went through and how brave they were fighting for survival until the very end. Reading those dairies they wrote brings tears to your eyes. Excellent video.
reholmes : Nice work, thanks.