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B-24 Lady Be Good Lost bomber of World War II

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B-24 Lady Be Good Lost bomber of World War II

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To whom it may concern. It is with my utmost and sincerest apologies that some of the words in this short documentary were misspelled. Because it was my first video it took me about eight hours to complete. In which I did not rest at any times I worked. So therefore after it was uploaded it was found that several of the words had been misspelled. I could not find any way to correct them after the video was uploaded. So I just left it. Since then I have received many slanderous comments, criticism, and smart remarks aimed directly at me. Therefore I am asking you the public to let me know if you think this video needs to be removed. I am seriously considering deleting both of the videos for which I'll never post them again. But before I do please let me know what you think. I did have a nother one in the makings that contains many more rare pitchers that were left out of this one because of the ten minute time factor. But now after all of the ugly remarks I have decided to cancel it and remove the ones that are already up. Please let me know if you think these videos should remain or if they should be removed. Sincerely yours Randy.

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david lawson : outstanding documentry
irish89055 : Anyone remember the movie they made with Vince Edwards about the team investigating this aircraft? There are artifacts from the Lady Be Good near me at Ft Lee Quartermaster Museum.... The navigator screwed up big time... I sometimes think of them on very hot days.... RIP
Robert Delich : It's amazing how so many stories there are that have yet to be told. I find this video extremely touching and makes me reflect on the sacrifices that so many had made in such a brutal war.
SLY : Don't worry about the spelling. Thanks for remembering these brave men.
Alfons Llana : Excellent, excellent video. I first read about this aircraft and her crew many years ago on an old issue of a Reader's Digest magazine. I remember it perturbed me deeply. To see now the remains of these brave men is in no way a disrespect but a remainding of the immense suffering they went through and how brave they were fighting for survival until the very end. Reading those dairies they wrote brings tears to your eyes. Excellent video.
Silver Vette : SAD
Andoni Fuentes : I fail to see any disrespect so it should be left as it is. You might warn of some graphic images perhaps
Rick Hargett : Their story should be told over and over, never to be forgotten. Consider this a tribute to Americas Finest. Thank you, to the crew of "Lady be Good".