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ButtHaver1993 : I dressed as Lennie for a fancy dress day at my college (i'm the spitting image of him apparently) no one got it though XD
redcardinalist : I'm not sure anyone would take offense now. The dialogue isn't racist in any way.
bob isaacs : lol :jason and the goldern fleas''
NYJALB : Pure comedy gold....brilliant writing and superb comic timing by the late great Mr Barker...and not an x-rated swear word in sight.....modern writers please take note!
NYJALB : I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about making comedy out of the slave trade..it is totally unacceptable..as a white Anglo Saxon my forefathers will almost certainly have been enslaved by the Romans and to and get cheap laughs out of this dispicable situation beggars belief!!
David Graham : 5 people were feeling RUFF RUFF
redcardinalist : Great stuff - thanks for this!
James Williams 777 : hahahas Bennies from heaven