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Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrisons Death.

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Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrisons Death.

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Here's Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrison's death. This was filmed at his estate in Sussex. The reporters were gathered outside the long driveway entrance to his estate. Seems kind of rehearsed, but I guess it's expected when dealing with the media, especially since the lashing McCartney received from his seemingly passive reaction to the death of Beatles band mate John Lennon.

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Lionel Suarez : Nice acting FAUL!
guerradade : Harrison said, 4 years later, on a tape telling the trouth, that this Paul is a fake and after he knows that John and George will tell the true story to the people, John was killed (1980) and George s house is visited to another killer, but George survives, on 1999. Why does the beatles are changing so hard after 1966?, no more shows, new hair, new wear, new music always showing Paul in a diferent place, had on head, and others clues that said something important happened after 66. Do you want to keep the fake or to show the reality?
MetrazolElectricity : Sounds rehearsed 
Scott Reed : He said "it's a drag" after Lennon was murdered. It WAS a drag. Liverpudlians are notorious for not being overly emotional in public, but Paul cried his eyes out that night in private. 
Julian Gell : at least he didnt say it was a drag
TANTRUM Worldwide : not a 'drag' this one then mate?
Nealix D. : Sad to see both John and George gone so soon and long ago. Never saw this before. Nice that Paul speaks so fondly of him, typically a class act. Amazing what you find on YouTube. Good stuff, thanks.
Frank King : People of today, at least a lot of them have no clue about what real talent is or was. The Beatles and men and women like them exemplified true talent. The trash you hear and see on the tv and radio today would never have cut back in those "Old Days."