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Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrisons Death.

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Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrisons Death.

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Here's Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrison's death. This was filmed at his estate in Sussex. The reporters were gathered outside the long driveway entrance to his estate. Seems kind of rehearsed, but I guess it's expected when dealing with the media, especially since the lashing McCartney received from his seemingly passive reaction to the death of Beatles band mate John Lennon.

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Scott Reed : He said "it's a drag" after Lennon was murdered. It WAS a drag. Liverpudlians are notorious for not being overly emotional in public, but Paul cried his eyes out that night in private. 
SerpensSolida : Faul, you were never a Beatle. I was 1,000 more times shocked when my ferret died. At least leave a confession about who you really are when you die.
TheCynicalDouche : Yeah, bummer town. That George guy sure was a kick. Man, hilarious.
chad : complete 180 reaction to how he reacted to john's death... guess he didn't want to experience that outrage again with the "its a drag" comment so he rehearsed this. i'm sure paul loved both, but he always has been very "poor" at publicly showing his emotions without sounding pretentious or like a dick. love them all to death. great guys.... but my god, paul. loosen up when it comes to making a statement.
michael pound : Well said Paul, and well handled. What if Paul had died first, and the journos waited all day to spring on John ,like they did on Paul, and remembering how short and sarcastic John could be when he was irked or pissed off, what memorable bombs could John have launched? Give Paul a break. Anybody who criticises obviously hasn't analysed or thought deeply enough...
rowan morrison : Sorry people but I cannot see what is problem with this interview? How do you expect him to react? Like a drama queen? Do you expect him to emerge in a black veil and roll around the ground wailing loudly? 
Freddie Bear : It's disgusting that some negative minded people slag McCartney off for this media barrage that he wasn't looking forward to.Paul and george didn't work together much after the beatles broke up but beyond that they both had an immense respect for one another as musicians and more importantly friends.
barrie joke : i hate this mother... lennonnwa the man