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Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

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Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

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New video here: http://youtu.be/iadRmgI6gW0 Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see if Systema is real. They were experienced street fighters from Moscow. They were allowed to hit a couple guys hard to see how we take strikes with breathing and relaxation and then they were given a couple 'gentle' strikes by Mikhail Ryabko. He used just the right amount of power to let them "understand" yet let them keep their "dignity". At the end both guys were very interested and wanted to learn more about Systema. Mikhail converted aggressiveness and bullying into interest and respect. A very powerful lesson for any martial arts teacher out there.

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asdfghyter : Why are all Systema Masters fat? Is it needed because the fat is absorbing the punches? Or are they fat because they do not need to move in their training?
kara88bg : Once I got into a fight with my friend and had my brow punched open, it was bleeding all over my face, so I ended up in E.R. to stitch it. While they were washing it out, some older man, bold and quite a big fellow, looked like a debt collector was sitting next to me, waiting for his slashed palm to be fixed, he looks at me and says: Fight eh? Sort of, yeah.. Fight? Are you kidding me, fight? Son, some Chinese guy invented gunpowder two thousand years ago and you still fight..? Was that a word of wisdom, I cant really tell, but how not to trust a older man?
bektas konca : it is dangerous to punch a person in diaphragm you can die as the result, i think he was not using full force and trying to teach him to relax and breath easy if you ever get hit there??
funmakinmoney99 : These guys should learn how to throw a proper punch. Fucken joke.
Aleksandar Dragovic : What everyone is failing to see from this video is that by relaxing the muscles and using proper breathing techniques, they are absorbing the impact which is extremely crucial in a fight. Systema is all about taking blows and making the guy who dished it out seem like a little girl throwing punches. Not to mention systema has great technique when it comes to striking to. 
pepe cojones : While Mr. Ryabko looks out of shape and severely overweight, I have been to one of his seminars and not only can he move like a "whirling dervish" and avoid anything you throw at him, his punches, specially when he is countering are like running into a lead wall! Do not think this guy is fake; there is nothing fake about him, even if the teaching style is not the best.
dogooda12 : From what I can see relaxing is very important and the strikes seem to penetrate because of the release of tension. The strikes from the fighters are merely surface punches that cant penetrate because they are holding tension in their strikes. The breathing helps to relax the muscles to absorb or dissolve the punches.
paul kraehenbuhl : I'd like them to take a massive punch to the jaw!..Then tell me how their great technique helps them out when they are eating through a straw for 4 months and then their brain is mush from the impact of hitting the deck!