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Make Money Trading Stocks : well if i see a systema guy goes to mma and ufc and show us the tests it would be better. these students are scared of their teachers. being fat is not healthy and all these guys are not healthy in terms of body fat. if someone can not control his weight, how can he control other people in a real fights? i dont say that these techniques are not effective but in real people dont hit the stomach , they hit the face. and these guys show no defense whatosever. thats why in my opinion they cant fight in real let say in big competition or tournament. do you think that these systema guys could one day compete in real ? i dont think so. thanks
John Rambo : I guess you have to be very fat for this techniques to work.
Scott Ballard : Is everyone holding canes so the fat fuck who has 3 years to live and knees that cant hold his frame doesn't feel self conscious?
Octavio Araujo : I hope you people are aware that training for combat fighting is different from MMA. I don't take away anything from a MMA fighter but going one on one in the ring is a totally different from fighting in the battlefield which has no ref or rules. In a street fight you can be guaranteed that your opponent friend will jump in if his friend is getting his ass whipped by you.
asdfghyter : Why are all Systema Masters fat? Is it needed because the fat is absorbing the punches? Or are they fat because they do not need to move in their training?
kara88bg : Once I got into a fight with my friend and had my brow punched open, it was bleeding all over my face, so I ended up in E.R. to stitch it. While they were washing it out, some older man, bold and quite a big fellow, looked like a debt collector was sitting next to me, waiting for his slashed palm to be fixed, he looks at me and says: Fight eh? Sort of, yeah.. Fight? Are you kidding me, fight? Son, some Chinese guy invented gunpowder two thousand years ago and you still fight..? Was that a word of wisdom, I cant really tell, but how not to trust a older man?
pepe cojones : While Mr. Ryabko looks out of shape and severely overweight, I have been to one of his seminars and not only can he move like a "whirling dervish" and avoid anything you throw at him, his punches, specially when he is countering are like running into a lead wall! Do not think this guy is fake; there is nothing fake about him, even if the teaching style is not the best.
Tomi Golob : OK so the basic defense is getting hit in your fat stomack...I seriously doubt this is the genuine systema training