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I'm In The Band 2x03 - Iron Weasel: The Video Game (Sneak Peek)

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I'm In The Band 2x03 - Iron Weasel: The Video Game (Sneak Peek)

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"Iron Weasel: The Video Game" - Tripp convinces an executive at Gamevision to make an Iron Weasel videogame, but the band's entitled attitude and demanding ways put off the top game developer, who turns out to be a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, 10-year old girl, named Ms. Dempsey, who squashes their videogame dreams. Now, the band has to figure out a way to win her over and change her mind, in a new episode of "I'm In The Band," premiering MONDAY, JANUARY 24 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD. "Iron Weasel: The Video Game" stars Logan Miller as Tripp Campbell, Steve Valentine as Derek Jupiter, Greg Baker as Burger Pitt, Stephen Full as Ash and Caitlyn Taylor Love as Izzy Fuentes. Guest starring is G. Hannelius ("Den Brother") as Ms. Dempsey. I'm In The Band 2x03 Iron Weasel: The Video Game I'm In The Band Season 2 Episode 3 Iron Weasel: The Video Game I'm In The Band S2Ep3 Iron Weasel: The Video Game I'm In The Band season 2 I'm In The Band second season Iron Weasel

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Tubenator53 : caint wait
GOGOOGGOOGOGOG : THANK GOD! I thought they were making an actual video game, they always ruin a series
123Fanofeverything : LMFAO Derek at 0:09 He's sooo adorable! and SEXY at 0:15
pinkpug8 : please please upload it!!!! :D
Chris Tsai : Bring me a kitten lol
AnnieMay Nguyen : I hate the new youtube homepage forma :/
LuizLoveTv : VERY GOOD!
anaivceskadavidvilla : Awesome! Thanks for uploading all the episodes you rock!!! :)