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The Hunt For Britains Paedophiles Part 1. 2002

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The Hunt For Britains Paedophiles Part 1. 2002

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This is a 3 part documentary series following the work of Scotland Yards Paedophile Unit. The documentary focused on their work and the daily efforts to track down the estimated 200,000 paedophiles living in Britain. Trawling through literally thousands of pornographic images of children, their detective work involves looking into the depraved minds of these perverts, hunting them out and securing a conviction. It's their job that ensures offenders never interfere with a child again and its not at all easy. The documentary was made from over two years of filming the Unit and, like so many of the BBC documentaries, it is incredibly well made throughout. This reality never once spares the sensitivities of an unsuspecting audience - this is reality warts and all. It's a side of life so many of us are totally unaware of. It will shock you to the very core. The danger the internet, the manipulative nature of the paedophiles and the utter self-justification of their actions will shock and surprise. The Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles which explores the issue with startling and highly disturbing honesty. Unsurprisingly, the series recorded the second highest ever number of complaints for a television programme (after 2001's Brass Eye special), but to judge the series on its furore alone would be to dismiss what was probably the most affecting and disturbing documentary broadcast up to that point.

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Caitlin MacLeod : Dude why would BBC include footage of that little 6-year old girl getting raped by her father? Censored or not, that's extremely fucked up. I had to stop watching. Bless that girl's heart :( BBC was wrong for including those clips; they are unnecessary as fuck and grossly insensitive of the victim.
Mark Wahlberg : Get used to it. You aren't getting rid of pedophiles any more than you could get rid of homosexuals. Humanity is worthy of nothing, except eternal fire.
john burens : These cops should be given a medal for their diligent work in taking these sick bastards off the street. It's too bad they can't just execute them on the spot!
Mad Vlad : I think that the pedophilia problem around the world isn't dealt with good enough. They should concentrate on removing everything that's related to child abuse in wrong way from the internet. I migh have a child one day and it makes me sick to think that there are lots of pedophiles on streets at this very time. I've even seen potential supects. I wish I could do something about all this crap because I just can't stand sitting in one place knowing that this kind of scum walks around!
Murheed Khan : beleive it or not incest and pedophillia are as anceient as greece and rome
MsStoneiy : I tried to watch this programme when it was first broadcast years ago, but I just didn't have the stomach or the guts to sit through this, horrendously detailed but eye-opening documentary. It was just too much to bear! 12 and 1/2 years on and it still has the same effect, however, I did manage to watch most of it but for some scenes I just had to turn away. These deplorable crimes just seem to be getting worse, obviously due to media reports, but it's just one scandalous revelation, against children, after another. Millions of these litlle ones were and are being treated as if they are nothing; used, abused and murdered by vile paedophiles and pederasts. It breaks my heart! The harrowing thing is, is that for as long as man has roamed this earth this abomination against children has been happening and will continue to happen. It is a never ending battle against an evil that ravages innocent young lives. It's sickening! There wasn't, isn't and never will be any kind of justification for this contemptible way of living!!!
Jeff Legg : These brave men and women of British law enforcement are truly doing the lords work. Can you imagine working your entire career in that quagmire? How can anyone not advocate the death penalty for these horrific acts. These maggots sentence innocent children to a life time of despair. Surely ridding society of such putrid filth is in everyone's best interest...