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John Wayne talks to Michael Parkinson 1974

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John Wayne talks to Michael Parkinson 1974

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......Hollywood legend John Wayne talks to Michael Parkinson.............

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SaintSatansSoul : Fuck that racist prick.
Genevieve Raaijmakers : John wayne didn't say he didn't like the film, he simply tried to say that cowardice is not the characteristic of the american population and it is precisely the theme of the film, why is he abandonned by all the population when he needs them the most, when all this time he was a very good marschall and did a lot for his community, in this sense he is right, it's not logical at all!!
David Foster : A lot of people have criticised Parkinson for this, but it takes balls to ask those questions.
David Foster : A lot of people have criticised Parkinson for this, but it takes balls to ask those questions.
newdawnnation : The man hated Marxist freaks and no doubt could see what damage these freaks could inflict on future society and how right he was.
GoFuckaDuck1 : I saw a lot more of that interview on a tv documentary. I have to say what ever respect I had for Parky has now completely gone. He really went for Wayne in a cheap and nasty way and only showed himself up. Duke was as always gracious and courteous but if I was him I would have punched the english twat's lights out.
MsBamafanatic : I look at folks like John Wayne whom I adored and was so sad about when he died, and I wonder how many more good years he would have had if he had never picked up his first cigarette. Even though he would live 5 more years past this interview, you could already hear in his voice what killed him. Paul Newman too might even still be with us today if it had not been for his decades of smoking. So sad and wasteful.
David Malton : M A R I O N , old boy, GET OFF YER HORSE AND DRINK YER MILK : 0 )