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StellaNouk : In the netherlands her is name is Layla to. but it's not 4kids. I like the name Layla the most. but aisha is her real name created by iginio straffi you know, don't you?
Marcus M. : I like all the Winx Club songs. :D #1FanSince1stSeason2004
Ari Mai : Agree with you, season 3 is the best!
OctoberBaby : The winx inspire me a lot.i don't care if people say I'm childish or something but I know who I am...this song makes me believe I can do anything.And it proves that love has no boundaries..
Pinkgymgarl lulu : Harmonic and sirenix like the same
jordy dewulf : super winx van jordy dewulf xxxxx
DAngelLilith : @SailorMoonAMV Your on the World Wide Web not the English Wide Web, you are going to see many different languages on here get used to it.
Musetto Dog : Complimentiiii