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BILL WATROUS trombone embouchure maintenance

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BILL WATROUS trombone embouchure maintenance

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Great trombonist BILL WATROUS discusses and demonstrates trombonistic embouchure maintenance and control. Watrous emphasizes that the trombone be treated as "An expression of the voice...it's a vocal thing." Videotaped by Clyde Yasuhara on June 6, 1999.

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SlempFace : I have watched many of your videos on here and your a phenomenal trombone player. I am sophomore in high school who plays trombone and I always use more pressure and strain to play high notes. But after watching this I tried this method of not using pressure playing in pep band at a basket ball game. I found it much easier to play and my tone got substantially better, and it became much easier to control dynamics. Thank you so much for this video
Bob Martin : It makes sense that your warm-up has a bearing on the music that you are about to play..
Aidan Ritchie : Too bad that wasn't a triple G! And holy cow, he starts his warmup high. This is all very interesting.
jenny teja sukardi : kill me please
xlfutur1 : @boneofthewang that was insane. remember the source though, its Bill Watrous. Anyone at this level makes it look easy. Watching this video would imply that anyone can do this, and unfortunately, that's not the case. Definitely something to work towards though. He forgets to mention the facial muscles he has developed over the last 40 years.
Andrew Aslett : he is extremely comfortable and honestly to me it seems like his mid range on the horn ha
xlfutur1 : The greatest embouchure that ever picked up a trombone.
Alejandro Espinosa : mm kay