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Finding Kate Full Video

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Finding Kate Full Video

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Katherine Brooks' new shorty about a 17 year old girl, Kate, who has fallen in love with her older, more experienced female cousin, Victoria... Check out the video î Thanks!.. (:

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AnnaMaria Kons : Lovely short movie
Opencrumble : Erin Kelly is so Amazing. Especially in Loving Annabelle OMG I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH DIANE GRAIDY (Simone Bradley -Loving Annabelle)
Kaylynn Davis : What's disturbing about this isn't so much that they're cousins for me or even the age difference necessarily. It's everything combined. It seems like the cousin is/has been manipulating her. This couldn't have just started. It seems like it started when Kate was younger. It might not have gotten that far before, because Kate said that she was a virgin, but something happened before. When she comes around she manipulates her into bed and then leaves her. It's sad. I don't blame Kate, but I think she needs to find someone closer to her age that treats her well, girl or guy. 
Aparna Dahanukar : all of katherine brooks' movies have such depressing endings. really...why can't people just be happy?
Diane Vierra : Awe, this was such a beautiful story. It brought a tear to my eye. I do know the feeling of forbidden love, especially with another woman, as I've lived it myself. We've even had evening dips in the pool (fully clothed) numerous times. So romantic and naughty.
lee clayton : whats the name of the violin part at the end....what tyoe of music is it
CubanPete1990 : Will they make it in to a full Lenk movie version?
MsJoey42 : Did she not introduce her as her cousin.....wow