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Dave Graham : Beatmas rendition of a Cool 50's song
crazykeyman : @LittleDragon2000 you're right it's really just the intro that is Please, Please me. The chord progress doesn't follow the Beatles tune but they did use Ringo typical drums on the track.
larryinc64 : @FlamingoKicker They did for Club members, Look up "Christmas time is here again".
rodmusik : e-mail me
armadafanforever : Who cares? the music is Please, Please Me, but the lyrics are from Jingle Bell Rock.
SteveZodiac2001 : well, technically it's Jingle Bell Rock set to Jingle Bell Rock, with some Please, Please Me riffs thrown in for flavour
armadafanforever : @animegalc4 really? Well in that case I'm sorry for the misinformation
AdamsApple1963 : "Jingle Bell Rock" set to "Please Please Me!" I love it!