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419: the Nigerian Scam

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419: the Nigerian Scam

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.419thenigerianscam.com. The movie was produced by Amos Studios and received several awards around the world. Write us at: info@amosstudios.com if you are interested in video production services in Alberta.

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Glenn Robinson : they almost got my brother,,,lucky he asked me first,,,now he is going to play along,,then at the time they ask for money,,tell them to fork off and die,,,,,
John Igoki : Fuck which Nigeria? when u people use our fathers as slave and still off our oils, kill and rape us, this is time 4 payback.......u greedy people
sageb1 : I agree, most Nigerians are not greedy. But scammers originating in Nigeria ruin the reputation of Nigerians. There are more honest and fulfilling jobs to be found in Nigeria.
itsene : When Ameriacans carted away money and museum pieces out of Iraq, that was the real scam!
INNOCENT OBI : @visiano1 maga go always dey fall and na my work to chop bossa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for you my dear
jellyfishattack : More than 90% of scam emails actually come from Nigeria, hence the name 419 Scam, it's not 'racist', it's the truth.
sageb1 : It's all about greed!
hoppkanin : LOL These people are STUPID LOL!, who the fuck falls for this. you deserve it you iditos. fat greedy bastards