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Hamzah Elhazet : fuckin greatest boxer all all all of timesss!!!. in his prime... imagine all boxer stars... he'd beat them all... i bet my head on this...!!!
Guhsteh : That Foreman knockout, damn..
George Washington : 1:50 was just plain BAD ASS no sweat at all 
TheSlegathor : Tyson would not stand a chance lol. even Tyson him self said he wouldnt beat ali look it up. Tyson beat up tomato cans but all you young people dont know real boxing. Joe frazier was Tyson before that bitch was born. i hate to tell you but Tyson never fought a real boxer. he did avoid a match with forman that he would of got beat maybe the first 4 rounds. Tyson dosent even come up in the top 15 if you ask me.
Itwasatragedy : keep the camera moving because I am kind of fast
swimtothebloom : Cocky motherfucker, but that's a huge part of what made him so great
Itwasatragedy : that's how you do a man like joe frazier, quite possibly the greatest quotes of all time by quite possibly the greatest human being to walk the planet Earth. I do not see him as a boxer, more as key for light. They say the light bearer holds knowledge, Ali was ahead of time.
Darren Dixon :