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Baruch Cohen :
George Washington : 1:50 was just plain BAD ASS no sweat at all 
Guhsteh : That Foreman knockout, damn..
Itwasatragedy : keep the camera moving because I am kind of fast
clint eastwood : He could rip of a normal humans head of with 1 punch. He didnt hit much but if he did it was steel 
Itwasatragedy : that's how you do a man like joe frazier, quite possibly the greatest quotes of all time by quite possibly the greatest human being to walk the planet Earth. I do not see him as a boxer, more as key for light. They say the light bearer holds knowledge, Ali was ahead of time.
swimtothebloom : Cocky motherfucker, but that's a huge part of what made him so great
Hamzah Elhazet : fuckin greatest boxer all all all of timesss!!!. in his prime... imagine all boxer stars... he'd beat them all... i bet my head on this...!!!