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1997 F150 4x4 vacuum actuator problem

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1997 F150 4x4 vacuum actuator problem

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1997 F150 4x4 vacuum actuator

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Irysbilt : on a 2003 f150 4x4 can you remove the vacuum lines on the actuator and then service front diff, afterwards replace the vacuum lines without any issue? thankx
Barry Clark : My 04 150 when i turn the selector to 4 wheel low reads 4 wheel high on dash board and only left wheel spins is it a limited slip and this is normal or a problem someone can help me with
dan Beu : My low 4x4 light stays on, and its engaged in 4x4 when the switch is on 2hl. How do i disengage it off my 2005 f150 i dont have a million dollars to fix it, was fine before it rained last i keep hearing its the actualtor then vacum lines then some bs motor. I dont know to to get it off without ruining it any suggestions
Brooke S. : Yours seems to be operating, does it not go far enough or did you have to replace the fork?
jesus torres : what power this vaccum actuator and how. does solenoid send air to the vaccum . or is just electronic,.,? cause my f150 its not even move like you're video its showing. or do you think my solenoid are bad..