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James Reder : Two Babylonian, heathen celebrations changed to Roman names; The Saturnalia from the 17th to the 24th and Brumalia, birth day of the sun god, Nimrod/Mithras on the 25th. Constantine changed the Sabbath to Sunday morning at dawn: The feast of Mithras, the sun god and his Council of Nicaea created the mass of Christ, or Christmas in 325 A.D.
theyaretheconspiracy : Nice, you should watch the ones on Mushrooms and Santa, the Pope and a lot of other stuff by John allegro.
Onceuponatimetheshow : Very informative video on the origins of did evolve from what the Romans considered a Pagan holiday. Check out our page for a short animation on the history of Christmas
lcbreezyl : Why is the new year different the when the sun restart its cycle? Does it have to do with a lunar calendar?
SisterAnena : yes this documentary is a rare one only released in Canada. i love it.
David Begin : This 4 part expose is very detailed, without judgement. This is a real documentary of the origin of Christmas. This is how we need to study history. Excellent!! It is interesting to learn that the Puritan reformers under Cromwell, disbanded Christmas during their short reign. Then under Elisabeth, Prince Albert being German brought back the tradition of Christmas.
lcbreezyl : I would think that mesopotania far enough south that the seasons wouldn't be that dramatic in temp, daylight, and weather therefore the winter solstice wouldn't be that important. I would also guess that Christmas and Easter come from ppl that lived far north that cared more about seasons. Look how Jews and Muslims don't celebrate this stuff. Easter is 9 months before Xmas birth the three day resurrection is the day stops getting short and start longer.
Pfsif : In stead of protection one from "evil Spirits", bringing a tree into the house invites them in.