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North Korea 2012 Military Parade [1/5]

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North Korea 2012 Military Parade [1/5]

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Held April 15th, 2012.

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Vexx Six : I think Hitlers was bigger.
kar muts : The best army in the world! Right next to Mother Russia!
Joseph Stalin : I love their selection of music
Mysteriousways : Their marching skills are amazing. But they are a potentially scary threat to us. And Kim please don't hack me. 
Sam N : why the parade commentator puts vibrator in his shithole every year ??
Patrick Johnson : North Korea sucks, the country it self sucks even more, and I think that almost anhy other country int he world could beat the crap out of them
Josh Park : I dont know about you guys but for some reason the song played by the military band is really good. Very catchy
DOC O M4LLY : North Korea is nothing to be afraid. An ignorant leader just like his predecessors, a military that is so outdated and unprepared its not even funny, and the people don't know shit about what is happening around the rest of the world because they're so isolated. Marching doesn't mean anything. You can have the most rag tag military and them still be able to kick ass.