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Making a Platinum and Diamond wedding and engagement ring set - Part 2 - By Mobeus Jewellers

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Making a Platinum and Diamond wedding and engagement ring set - Part 2 - By Mobeus Jewellers

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How to create a wedding ring and engagement ring set using platinum and diamonds. This video is part 2 of a 2 part set. The customer had an idea which we used to create a cadcam image and then we made the rings using platinum, the customers own diamonds plus some extra diamonds. The customer was happy with the finished rings and I enjoyed making them. My son made the video and the music is from my own band NEEB. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Mobeus-Jewellery-Outlet to see our eBay shop with second-hand jewellery, clearance stock and more!

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shredpig : Absolutely beautiful work. What kind of vice is that?
Matt Williams : amazing, how many carat was the diamond?
IcingOnTheRing : This video gives a good insight into the process of how diamond rings are made and what is needed.
guyett1 : Great video. Can anyone tell me please? - what is the tool that is used from 6:19. Is it a hammer?
Mike OD : Excellent craftsmanship right there, nice job man.
Damian from Rockford : Nice but that not how you start seting ring , the center stone you set always at last :)
pouttikalo : you work is beautiful!! how much would these two retail for!?(some serious gems put in them!)
Mark Lloyd Jewellery : Hi, thank you for the compliment, regarding your questions if you mean can the diamonds be re-cut smaller ? Yes they can by a professional diamond cutter, and yes the 8 smaller diamonds can be set into a platinum band. I hope that answers your questions.