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A NEW DOLLAR : an insider from the fed banks meeting

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A NEW DOLLAR : an insider from the fed banks meeting

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Bob Chapman talks to Melody Cedarstrom about the new dollar and the coming devaluation recorded on December 28th 2009

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T Blackmon : What happened to the Amero? I thought they had printed large amounts and are storing them in Mexico if my memory serves me correct? When America, Mexico and Canada all merge because of NAFTA that would be all 3 countries currency, but if the rumor was correct it would be 20 cents to the dollar or maybe 50 cents to the dollar when we are told to trade in the old dollars. This is old info. and my memory is not so hot anymore, so I don't know if they are still going along with that plan or not. To find out there should be a highway they are building from Mexico through Texas right into Canada, so if anyone lives in Texas they should be able to research it easy. Just check to see if they are building a freeway from South to North. 
MrGarnache : 5 Years later .... and the Dollar is HIGHER and Gold Lower ! ....... FAIL End of next year or 18 months is ...... 2011 ! LOL
luis hinojosa : That's a sexy dollar! the only thing missing is big buff apache face, a crossbow, a mud hut, and some feathers. And rename the united states of america to = UNITED INDIANS OF THE AMERICA'S
jim cameron : these vids from years ago are a hoot. depending on your market, anything can be your medium of exchange. i choose pancakes. blueberry. someone suggested forks. any intrinsic value is no different from fiat currency if the people don't value it. like gold. not worth a dime if the people can't use it. nothing has value in an exchange unless the two people involved agree. a medium of exchange only makes trade easier. i have pm's, cash, coins, collectibles, tools and skills. but, you know what has value. food and water. and pancake mix.
Methos Millozotti : The Rothchilds control the gold pricing, they set the price of gold every day. I wonder if we could be free from Rothchild's influences, demands while they still set the price AND own the worlds largest amount of gold. They print the cheap paper that allows them to buy gold and have exploited that for many decades now.
Salvador Martinez : I love that design for the one dollar bill and I think all bills should have that design it is so cool.
torputube : hmmm. At yet here in 2014 the dollars are still the ol' green ones.
John Doe : I think what people here are afraid to ask is if the Masonic symbolism like the pyramid will be there. But as far as I am concerned...currency is currency...as long as I can help my family and feed them, well I am okay with it.