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BadgersBrigade : I too am going for a similar design..... I totally love what you have done there! What type engine are you working with? do you know the gross torque? And what do you think your overall weight will be when your done? minus you....
kc5dil1225 : would like to know you drive setup. working on one my self. that is a sweet setup
andrew harris : Looks like you've mixed Dirt Devil go-kart plans with the Personal Tracked Vehicle plans. Looks awesome, I plan to build the same thing! I hope you upload some new videos about it soon.
tlkanaga : Please share how you have independantly controlled your tracks. Are you using two seperate centrifical clutches? Please help. thank you.
Turb0diezel : Tracks are from old snowmobile, 9hp motor and weight is under 100kg? Still lot to do but for now it is quite promising machine... I have test ride it, but I have to do some changes before it work the way I want. I allready made new belt clutches and added brakes... I will post new video when I get it ready...
Stoneyburke : sweet
snowmangsx1100 : how much did you pay for the tracks brother ?
ourtube4u : Thats nice, can`t wait to see more.