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Anthony Potter : holy megacab!!
mostknown2 : I have seen this truck in Taber then. You got different rims on it now?
Mat McClain : haha ic well i was just playing around i have yet to own my first diesel so owning a "few" duramax diesels is honestly impressive haha, but that dodge is really nice i love cummins even though i havent had one yet:( ill be there someday though but nice rig
KTMwhip : sweet truck man. sounds awesome. check out my video of a powerstroke and cummins playin in the snow
Jacob Wessels : who makes the 10
Mat McClain : anyone else find it wierd that this guys youtube account is lb7 driver but his videos are with a cummins
OUTDOORPITSTOP : nice vid, sucky truck
lb7driver : different rims, higher lift, and some other goodies lol. this video is two years old.