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ZzBloodNGutszZ : Melek you are my favorite minecraft commentator! keep it up!
mortierox : Its scary how that the entire population of Maleks Map either became one with the undead or became werewolves.
FuryCA : 2:40 transcribe audio. LMFAO
MrTehAlex : Ahh, back to good old Melek. I watched the Skyrim vids when I was baout half done with this vid, then I actually GOT Skyrim. Now I'm back to this because I missed the accent. :D
pizzagutten1997 : Melek, do you remember me? probably not but, i was one of your first 100 subs =) nice to see that you grown so much =D
gsimm5 : i watched to her in two days and i think i lost my ability to blink p.s you should turn your inventory into a minecart room and put your inventory in the smaller room next door
Raginginfernape : @ArchmageMelek also try making it out of other ded peoples that you kill so its like you make a minion out of ded zombies and ded creepers and reanimate it from the dead!
Mrcapitalspike : @ArchmageMelek thanks for the info :D