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*NEW 2014*2Pac/Biggie Need Some Sleep Remix

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*NEW 2014*2Pac/Biggie Need Some Sleep Remix

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2Pac and Biggie to Need Some Sleep instrumental New Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/?a84vl27a3d8e3i4 Instrumental: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1CQWBPysW8

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Tony Fulbright : Pac and B.I.G will live on in our heart with an untouchable legacy, noone can touche these to legends... R.I.P.
music perso : Of Manz and Man , Vi all ance.(s'ster) -I try to refuse the bad thoughts and curses , but my mind's full of these things i saw , did and still plan to do -In one word i am : Violence -Whether while typing , acting , thinking , fighting -It's the strongest thing that is in here , the most shocking and the most relevant! -Since our societys do as if all was pink and great meanwhile they just siege on africa and do exactly the opposite of what they say they are. In the name of God! -Psycho country , psycho world! You're all okay to eat , but against animal's molest and killings You're all okay to breathe , while we toxic someone else's breath You're all okay to have sex , while aids spreads all accross that crap world You're all okay to be rich , while you have to take the money somewhere and in some ways make somebody poor and unhappy You're all in needs your family to work and expend, while you take somebody else's job You're all in needs of good feelings that hold on another side of the planet having hard times You're all in needs of recognition, while you don't give a single piece of recognition to nobody You're all in needs of diamonds , which only are from africa You're all wanting love while you hate all arround You're all wanting peacefull dreams while u spread war arround You're all wanting space while you take the next's You're all wanting to be free while enslaving asia/africa You All wanna fly while keep on cursing the earth you're walking on. You All wanna be positive while seeing all the negativity You All wanna nut without a risk You All wanna be safe putting the trash on those who don't refuse it All want to be happy while keeping the next down! All kicking rhymes while Bustah'rhymes. -Live to life before death comes to take it. -I'm counted in "you're all" We're all humans so why keep on being fake , that's the lack of humanity. -Truth comes reality when fake's all arround , keep on thinking it's all good , all love and keep putting your brother down while he begs for mercy! -Let it be (Love) remember we're man as as kind , and live to live on for more times and eternity! -Remember also the only unheritance given here is the soil we curse all night long begging for a better future! -Enough said, kindly , a forgotten poet.
Charlie Edward : dam that shit brought a tear to my eyes my god 
carlos martinez esteban : THANKS AND RESPECT from spain
Andrea Alonso : This song made me cry 😢😭
Tobias Weiss : 2pac was and is still the best rapper of all time 
Vovachka Petrov : life in a fast lane, need some sleep...)
Makaveli TuDon Killarmy : The best Remix i ever heard. Thanks to the One who this this . Keep it up Bro