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sativa ou pas : Before the rap was on the street Now the rap is for the rich Fuck this new school
Desmond Thomas :
Tony Fulbright : Pac and B.I.G will live on in our heart with an untouchable legacy, noone can touche these to legends... R.I.P.
david lazo Tovar :
Dante Templar : It is night , and sleep takes my eyes . My mind is lost in the depths of dreams that I closed the drawer during the day ... I open it to continue to dream waiting for the morning to be able to say last night I lived :-)
Mike Vandenabeele :
hash tag : *NEW 2014*2Pac/Biggie Need Some Sleep Remix:
drive1786 : why new York rappers hate 2pac in there heart ...jay z would just say big up for pac but in his heart he don't feel pac ,lil kim say pac is a bugga man for getting rape in jail etc...why new York hate pac ?