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AaeGreenAG : Give me the link
Thekmamc : that would be awesome
Herkamal Brar : I don't think there will be more than one city, it might just be one big city because it's surrounded by mountains.
Alisha Hudson : do anyone know when the next trailer comes or is they going to show it in jan 2013
ballerd89 : dam one city i'm gonna miss going to the countryside to sf makes me feel like i'm going to travel to another city rip sf and lv
Dave B : people are saying los venturas wont be in V, but i hope it is, i loved it there
Lt.Wolf : but its a mountain that can't just stand up and say ''fuck it'' and walk away
egagnard : San Diego free way.. You are retarded. San Fierro is based of San Diego. Meaning San Fierro is in the game, not "some other city"