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TheDarkomasia : They only came for Metallica... I fucking cry. They only go crazy when the band plays Raining Blood, which, to me, is subpar compared to Angel of Death, War Ensemble, Disciple, Flash Storm and World Painted blood. All these songs are unappreciated!
Rex Verschuren : Weinige snappen echt waar het om draait! Dat SuX
Sharon Powell King : Slayer - Live At Ullevi 2011 (Big Four Show, Full…:
Leo Gäddnäs : 1:01:30 Tom saw something that really appealed to him...
HeavyandMetal431 : people at metal concerts used to have long hair.
13Drumsticks : That language sounds... weird.
Chumak74 : слеер сдулся и говно..
Dt0x75 : Half those fucks chanting slayer didn't even know Postmortem when it started! Kill yourselves!