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Tom Hughes : Am i the only one who thinks lloyd is the best?Not cos of his power i just relate to him the most.PLS I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE😣
HSI Vlogs : I think cole is the best because in the latest season he's a ghost and can posses anything
William Coldridge : My top 8 ninja are 1 Lloyd 2 Zane 3 garmerdon 4 jay 5 Cole 6 wu 7 kie 8 skylor 
Jamie Culver : Draw between Zane Lloyd and Jay
NinjaBrickfilms : I really miss the old ninjago
Jack Kay : cmon evry1 knows kai and jay r da best! wish i was a ninja (lol jk)
Emily DeHaan : Like this if you like Zane the most! ( He's awesome!)
The Legendary Red X : My TOP 10 favorite Ninjago characters listed in order #1 Kai #2 Zane #3 Draw between cole, Jay and Lloyd #4 Samurai X (Nya) #5 Overlord #6 Pythor #7 General Cryitor #8 Lord Garmadon #9 sensei Wu #10 P.I.X.E.L